Thursday, May 25, 2006

Letter from Le Enchanteur

Dear Travellers,

What brave souls you to walk the Serpentine Road with me. I am you guide but I am not the sort of guide you may have met, or heard about, travelling on a tour bus somewhere. I have no microphone and I will not be providing particularly clear instructions. This is a tour with a differerence. You are pretty much on our own and you have to keep finding me. I will go ahead and help that whining Heather set up some camps (she does go on about having to do everything herself and it is simply not true) and will let you know our whereabouts. How you reach us is up to you.

Now you have your special bags don't you? Each bag contains spectacles, a candlestick, a tiny anchor, a medallion with the imprint of the Unicorn and a set of wings. However, each bag contains something that has been chosen specifically for the recipient. It also contains a map.

Look at the map carefully! You will see the Cave of the Ancients marked on it. This is where we are headed. The Cave of the Ancients is the place which is purported to contain remnants of ancient civilizations - wisdom that has been lost to humankind because of those who have tried to raze all memory of old wisdoms and truths.

It is a long and dangerous journey to find the Cave of the Ancients. Tracks have long been overgrown and you have to pass through steep mountain. We will need a number of stops along the way. At various stops it would be a good idea to find out as much as you can about this cave and its precise whereabouts. The map I have given you is old and needs to be updated. Perhaps there is a cartographer in our midst and that person will mark things as we go.

With scientists, botanists, herbalists, journalists, artists, amongst our number it is hoped that this path will be well documented and that come December the Advent Calendar will feature this journey of exploration. Documents are kept safely in sealed archives (bloggers) ready to be accessed after the journey is complete. It is a good idea to have your own personal blogger that contains your journey - and it will be linked to the Serpentine Road so that we can find you.

Now! I am going to go ahead to the House of the Serpents, which is close to Blind Springs. I will meet you there.

Good luck


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