Thursday, June 29, 2006

Meditatio and Imaginatio


When the alchemists speak of meditari they mean an inner dialogue and hence a living relationship to the answering voice of the 'other' in ourselves. We can achieve this by talking about the meaning of life with a blade of grass or a mushroom.

Study, sweat, work, cook... so will a healthful flood be opened to you.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Abbey Meditation

Monday, June 26, 2006


This Triptych is one of the Abbess’s favourite pieces to meditate upon before she begins her daily round.

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Abbey Alchemy

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Something mighty potent is brewing in the Alchemist's Lair at the Abbey.
One sip of the golden elixar and your shadow selves will become numinous.


Enchanteur and the Abbess have been meddling in the old alchemist's lair and have conjured up the Rainbow Serpent. They were supposed to be working on the elixar of immortality but clearly became distracted.

posted by Heather

Four Abbey Rules

Friday, June 23, 2006


1. Follow Nature

2. First know, then act. Real knowledge exists in the triangle composed of seeing, feeling and understanding.

3. Use only one vessel, one fire, one instrument. The person who takes the chosen path may succeed, while the person who attempts to walk on many paths will be delayed.

4. Keep the fires burning constantly

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Abbey Alchemy

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Step inside
the virtual world of the Abbey
whose shape
draws inspiration from
nautilus shells, wasps nests and dragonfly wings

Step through the main doorway
and transmute
base metals into gold
using the Philosopher's Stone

Step into the corridors of the pysche
To discover the Elixir Vitae,
the drinking of which
will confer
ever lasting creativity.

posted by Heather

Manor in darkness but WE WILL RETURN

Sun Jun 25, 2006 9:15 pm

Riversleigh Manor is in darkness while everyone stays in the Abbey and encourages newcomers seeking to adopt writing and art as a daily practice. It is not wise to have two groups operating simultaneously as we will all get even more confused.

However, the Riversleigh blogger is still operational and we will
return to the house with Enchanteur at some point in the not too
distant future.

Then quiet will descend upon the Abbey again.

Hope this makes sense


Abbey Novices and Elders Alike

Sun Jun 25, 2006 5:53 pm

Hello Everyone

Riversleigh is closed now and we are all moving to the Abbey.

We have a gathering of novices and elders here in the Abbey and the Abbess (another of my alter egos, she says rolling her eyes a lot) will be keeping an eye on things and gently encouraging new members to undertake the seven labours in a creative environment.

When you go to your 'cells' you will find a box of chocolates has been left as a welcome gift. You can leave them for awhile and post what you fancy or you can savour one and share your visual or written responses.

Do not be constrained by form. This is a place of alchemical experimentation and that Abbess just loves to see new forms emerging.

By the time the labours are done Enchanteur is likely to show up and entice us all with another of her journey's. But for now - your handbook is the A-Z of Alchemy Just click the letters. At the moment it is only A that has text - the A box has four A's in it

We will be working collaboratively on this project while we are in the Abbey and I will enthusiastically publish work and put links to responses from Abbey residents. None of the pages will remain static and I will make adjustments continually so make sure to refresh your pages.

hugs to all

A Season in the Abbey

Fri Jun 23, 2006 11:21 pm

Riversleigh Manor will be closing down for a couple of months while we all go for 'a season' in the Abbey. So catch a raven or whatever and make sure you are signed in to the Abbey blog and the new Abbey group at Yahoo.

Don't panic though! This group will get activated again when it is time to 'go back home'.

Keep an eye on the new A to Z of Soul Food Alchemy and feel free to work along with the program that I am putting together for our 'season in the Abbey'.

I am looking for submissions and ideas - decorations and bits and pieces to add to pages. None will be static and they will be added to as we go. I am anticipating that it will take two months before all 26 letters are filled.

love to all

Launching the ABC of Soul Food Alchemy

Fri Jun 23, 2006 5:55 pm

Hello Everyone

I am excited. Inspiration flew through the door and I launching the ABC as the A to Z of Soul Food Alchemy and Transmutation.

The first page is up but it is still undergoing changes and adjustments as I refine it.

You can work along with me on this project in the Abbey, which is now the main portal to Lemuria and all that Lemuria has to offer. Notice that there is a task. Each page will have tasks and they will only appear gradually so that we have time to adjust and make additions and alterations. All these pages will be organic and you will all be able to make contributions.

Now that the theme is clear some of you may be keen to do some alchemical artist trading cards and photographs that I can incorporate to make it all look just stunning.

Oooh! I love it when I feel creativity surging through my veins.


A Season in the Abbey

Friday, June 23, 2006

tt abbey.jpg

Sick and paralysed, Nelson returned to England, and decided to accompany his father to Bath for a cure in January 1781. In a busy season Nelson was lucky to find digs with the apothecary Joseph Spry at 2 Pierrepont Street. News of the expedition in Nicaragua reached Bath as one of the army officers was also recovering his health in the city.

During the 18th century, Bath was an extremely fashionable cultural hub, attracting the aristocracy and gentry from all over the country.

In Lemuria it is the Abbey which is the cultural hub for artists and writers. Indeed, Riversleigh Manor is closing down for a couple of months and we are all going to have 'a season' in the Lemurian Abbey.

So anyone who is still here needs to pack their bags and hot foot it over to the Abbey bofore all the digs are occupied. We will make sure that there are plenty of activities to amuse everyone while we are ' in the Abbey'.

posted by Heather

Created an Abbey Group

Fri Jun 23, 2006 1:05 am

I am setting up a Yahoo group for the Abbey, where all those who are wanting to join 'the journey' and visit Lemuria will be initially based.

Since I have addresses all over the place I have sent out some invitations but don't be offended if I have missed inviting you.

We will be in the Abbey for a few weeks while le Enchanteur and Heather figure out the Alphabet project which will track the 'Heroine's Journey' and include lots of samples of people's work.

To join the Abbey simply go to and ask to join. I will sign you in immediately.

Eventually there will be three groups with Yahoo and you might want to put some on Special Messages so that you are not inundated with mail.

These groups are:

Abbey - for those beginning the journey

Riversleigh - residence for people who have worked. or are currently working closely with me as I develop the site.

Lemurian Elders - a group for those who have completed the journey.

Please choose email or digest for this group or make sure to check regularly.

Generally I hope folk will mainly communicate through the bloggers but the Yahoo groups are an important way to ensure that any news travels throughout the land.


Heroine's Journey

Thu Jun 22, 2006 4:52 pm

Hello Everyone

New members of Soul Food have a window of opportunity and can sign in to the Lemurian Abbey. I will be setting up a special email list for members of the Abbey to facilitate communications. If you want to join simply send me an email with your address and I will add you in to the Abbey Group. I am pondering over the wisdom of creating a Yahoo group especially for the Abbey but am wary of duplications and people receiving a host of email.

No lurking is permitted in the Abbey. Long termers will know that I do not make any unrealistic demands. However I do expect people who move into another stage here at Soul Food to at least make comments on the work of others and post every so often.

If you check the Abbey at you will see that a few of us are settling ourselves in. We will be in the Abbey for at least a month before going off on any long expeditions. You will have time to get your Soul Food legs before Enchanteur sweeps in the door and causes havoc. However, there may be some quick jaunts to places like the Hermitage and the Gypsy Camp which is located nearby.


To the Abbey We Go

Wed Jun 21, 2006 6:15 am

I have managed to get to the Lemurian Abbey but neither Wilder or Enchanteur are to be found.

Abandon ship - dip into those bags Enchanteur gave you and get yourself to the Abbey. I am sure I can smell breakfast cooking. Perhaps Ebony is here after all. I don't think we will see Enchanteur for awhile. Could I really be so lucky?

love to all

Bloody Hell

Mon Jun 19, 2006 6:52 pm

le Enchanteur and Captain Wilder have up and left the Calabar. A captain abandoning the ship is unheard of! It is simply not the way to do things I am afraid.

They have left me with instructions to take control and tell everyone to dip into their bags and hot foot it to the Lemurian Abbey. Honestly! How is anyone meant to cope around here?

Rumour hath it, from a very good source, that le Enchanteur and some of the Lemurian Elders have found the Cave of the Ancients and are busily settling in there. Apparently you can all find the cave and will eventually be welcomed but I have been given no specific instructions as to how you are supposed to do that. Something about seven stage and seven doors.

I figure if you make yourself at home in the Abbey, soak in the environment and practice the Soul Food Way all become clear.

From what I can gather the Captain has transformed herself and is back to being the meeker, milder, housekeeper of the Abbey.

I was told that messages will come through to the Abbey. So if you are not a member of the Abbey make sure to let me know so that I can send an invitation to join it.

much wringing of hands
love Heather

Sneak Preview - Alphabet Coming

Sun Jun 18, 2006 4:51 am

The new Alphabet templates are in place

and I will be working on this project over the next couple of months.
I had thought of combining some letters but I am going with all 26 and it should be a sensation.

Any submissions will be welcome. The object of the Alphabet is to orientate people to the site and provide lots of stimulus for travellers. Doing this provides real purpose for artist's and writers because I will feature as many regulars as possible.


Are You A Crew Member?

Mon Jun 5, 2006 11:08 pm

If you are not on the Calabar already you need to get down to the cove and be rowed out to the old ship, Captained by Ebony Wilder and making its way towards the Lemurian Abbey.

This is an opportunity for new crew to come on board and to join the band of travellers who are searching for the Dead Man's Chest which holds the only map which reveals the location of the Cave of the Ancients.

I have set up a special mailing list for crew members - using Outlook Express - so that messages can be delivered from the Captain.
bottoms up
hail me hearties and all that


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Story in a Bottle

Saturday, June 03, 2006

You have all heard of messages in a bottle. Well now it is your chance to write a story to go in a bottle that le Enchanteur can keep in her cabin on board the Calabar.

After yesterday's tantrum Enchanteur seems much more tranquil and her cabin appears idyllic but it would be well to be cautioned that she is a shape shifter and can change with the breezes that puff up the Calabar's sails.

Keep Enchanteur happy by doing a bit of the Arabian Nights style story telling and create some stories to go in bottles. Of course it would be fun to have decorated bottles to match the stories.

posted by Heather

You better not go down to the Cove today.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

You better not go down to the cove today. You better go in disguise.

It is Saturday and le Enchanteur and the Gorgon are as fractious as can be. Enchanteur is in such a state that she has steam coming out of her ears and the Gorgon is not happy either.

They have reputations to maintain. Images to hold!

Hopefully, those planning to travel by ship will be able to slip down to the cove tomorrow, row out and claim a cabin while these two sleep off their Saturday fractiousness. Hopefully they will be more amiable by the time we all sit down for a Sunday dinner together.

And whose head is that dangling out there? Faucon? I hope you and Cher-lynn made a quick getaway up over the mountain pass.

posted by Heather

Captain Bonny Wilder

Friday, June 02, 2006

Ebony Wilder has come on her Pirate Ship to collect some human cargo and take them to the Lemurian Abbey. She is being received by the Rainbow Serpent Priestess and negotiating as we speak. The offer of some 'cabin's of one's own' may well be enough to entice travellers take passage on her ship. Well, the truth is that they have little choice because the mountain routes are currently impassable.

But first the Rainbow Serpent Priestess insists, crew members must leave another skin behind at the House of Serpents for safe keeping. I wonder what folk will leave now.

posted by Heather

A Night To Remember

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

When the glorious Phoenix belonging to the Rainbow Serpent Priestess comes to earth it come to do good deeds for people, and her appearance symbolizes the beginning of a new era. In one story involving Sinbad, the roc unknowingly carries Sinbad to safety after a shipwreck and in another the roc carries him to the Valley of Diamonds. Going farther back into Persian antiquity, there is an immortal bird, amrzs, or (in the Minoi-khiradh) slnamurv, which shakes the ripe fruit from the mythical tree that bears the seed of all useful things

In Japanese mythology, after doing its good deed the bird ascends back to heaven to await a new era.

The Phoenix is here and offering to do good deeds for travellers. She will take you for a fantastical night ride and show you the wonders of the world if that is your desire. Or she will sit with you, shake the ripe fruit that bears the seeds of all that is useful and be your muse for the night.

Make sure to take advantage of this most providential arrival.

Posted by Heather

A Cabin of One's Own

Sunday, May 28, 2006

A traveller enjoys some solitude, in a cabin, on board the ship moored down in Pirate Cove. She takes the time to paint a hand to leave in the Cave of Hands at the House of Serpents

Silent, quiet time, in a space of one's own enhances creativity.

posted by Heather

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Creative Handprints


Cueva de las Manos (Spanish for Cave of the Hands) is a cave located in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina, 163 km south from the town of Perito Moreno, within the borders of the Francisco P. Moreno National Park, which includes many sites of archaeological and paleontogical importance.
The Cave lies in the valley of the Pinturas River, in an isolated spot in the Patagonian landscape, some 100km from the main road, Route 40. It is famous (and gets its name) for the paintings of hands, made by the indigenous inhabitants (possibly forefathers of the Tehuelches) between 13,000 and 9,300 years ago. The composition of the inks is mineral, so the age of the paintings was calculated from the rests of bone-made pipes used for spraying the paint on the wall blocked by the hand.

The main cave measures 24 m in depth, with an entrance 15 m wide, and it is initially 10 m high. The ground inside the cave has an upward slope; inside the cave the height is reduced to no more than 2 m.

The images of hands are often negative (stencilled). Besides these there are also depictions of human beings, guanacos, rheas, felines and other animals, as well as geometric shapes, zigzag patterns, representations of the sun, and hunting scenes. Similar paintings, though in smaller numbers, can be found in nearby caves. There are also red dots on the ceilings, probably made by submerging their hunting boleadoras in ink, and then throwing them up. The colours of the paintings vary from red (made from hematite) to white, black or yellow.

Most of the hands are left hands, which suggests that painters held the spraying pipe with their dexterous hand. The size of the hands resembles that of a 13 year old boy, but considering they were probably smaller in size, it is speculated that they could be a few years older, and marked their advancement into manhood by stamping their hands on the walls of this sacred cave.

Here at the House of the Serpents there is a cave of hands where guests, who want to mark their creative advancement, stamp their hand into the walls, leaving an imprint, a handprint that will guide subsequent travellers and act as a beacon of encouragement to those who follow.

Make an imprint of your hand. On each finger write something that you have learned about creativity during this journey. Hang it on the wall here in the House of the Serpents. These handprints will be transferred to the Cave of the Creative Hands at Soul Food.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lori's Brilliant Mapping


Lori has been doggedly mapping our journey and by George she has it now. We all know that more will detail will need to be shown on the map, and we are still to locate the Cave of the Ancients, but this will be a boon to any confused traveller.


Schedule to date

May 25, 2006 12:20:11 AM PDT

1. Performance at the Hermitage Gala

2. Leaving a skin in the Surrender Box near the door to the Serpentine Road

3. Meeting animal companions and heading along the Serpentine Road towards the House of the Serpents.

4. Some go via Pirate Ship and clamber up to HOS from the Cove.

5. Mapping the Heart - to be received by the Rainbow Priestess before entering HOS

6. Unburdening yourself of a heavy load and leaving it all a the gatehouse of the HOS.

7. Making self comfortable at House of Serpents

8. Looking in the Gorgon's mirror - which reveals how others often see you.

9. Preparing for a Banquet to mark Sarah's wedding May 31

10. Will have to travel by ship to the Abbey in our search for Dead Man's Chest and a path to the Cave of the Ancients - the road through the mountains is impassable.

We are here to warm the stone artist and this is a very rough outline. There is plenty of scope for variations and detours.

The main blogs we are working on is the Serpentine Road, House of Serpents and some are posting on Dead Man's Chest because they have been aboard one of the Pirate Ships.

love Heather

Good and Bad News

May 24, 2006 6:22:54 PM PDT

The good news is that everyone has arrived or is very close to arriving at the House of the Serpents. The Gorgon is putting on a special banquet to mark Sarah's wedding on the 31 of May and that will be the perfect time for everyone to do their 'light relief' performance - much as Kim has rehearsed already.

Generally the mirror viewing has gone well although Sibyl is off in a huff and is threatening to make the mirror walk the plank after depicting her as a rather buxom, aging buccaneer. The Gorgon, who is an old friend has been defending the mirror, saying that it only reveals her own mischievous nature (much like the crows she hang around with) and that she thought it revealed a decided twinkle in the eye.

The bad news is that the mountain passes, which will take us to the Lemurian Abbey (our next stop) are not passable at the moment. le Enchanteur, being the eternal opportunist has volunteered to have everyone 'crew it' on her ship that is moored in the cove. Well, maybe that won't be bad news for everyone. I am sure it is only the mirror she has her sights on and that should stop her being grumpy with anyone else.

Meanwhile I suggest you make some strong shields to defend yourself against the inner critic monsters that inhabit the waters between here and the Abbey.

We will be leaving on the first of June or thereabout, after the wedding celebrations.

Oh, and we have a side tour lined up but more about that later.


The Mirroring World

May 23, 2006 6:33:21 AM PDT

May 22, 2006
The Mirroring World
We Are Like Nature

Nature is a mirror, inspiring and teaching us, deepening our sense of belonging in the world. Wherever you look, you can see that our patterns and the patterns of the natural world are the same. You can find this resonance in every form, from molecules to plants and animals and to planets. We live our lives according to the same principles as the trees, the mountains, the clouds, and the birds.

We begin our lives in the womb, folded in on ourselves like the bud of a flower. We can see our whole lives in the mirror of this natural form. When we emerge from the womb, we slowly begin our unfolding, just as the flower begins to open its petals. At its prime, the flower draws many insects to it and also the eyes of appreciative humans. When the flower's petals begin to fade and its life cycle comes to an end, it ceases to hold itself upright and returns to the earth. Traditionally, we return to the earth, just as all plants and animals do. Like flowers, we leave behind seeds in the forms of children and other gifts only we could have given. They continue to unfold even after we are gone. Rebirth is encoded into our lives, and death is just one part of the cycle.

Look around you, and you will find connection and insight. Notice how your moods shift from one to another like the sky shifts from bright blue to turbulent grays. Your thoughts are like clouds, appearing, changing shape, passing through, and then disappearing without a trace. The rain cleanses the sky, just as an emotional release cleanses your mind. The sky itself is your eternal awareness, unchanging underneath all these permutations. Let it reflect back to you your own abiding perfection.

As you walk through the world, find your own metaphors for connectedness in nature. Flesh them out fully and follow them as they lead you through the mystery and intelligence of life.

Magic Mirror

May 22, 2006 8:13:31 PM PDT

Sara is getting married on the 31 of May and the Gorgon has announced that we are going to have a banquet to celebrate the occasion. So get your glad rags together, dip into the costume box and be ready to sing, dance, read poetry, make art or do whatever you do to celebrate.

But first

The Gorgon has a special mirror in her boudoir and she will receive people to take a glimpse in it. My father used to have this party trick where he had us look at the monkey in the mirror! Well, unlike Dad's mirror you won't see yourself as a monkey but you will see a fresh aspect of yourself - an aspect others often see but you are not as consciously aware of.

Take your time and check the Magic Mirror. When le Enchanteur peeped at one time she saw this
and discovered she was not as tough and bold as she imagined, but did, indeed, have a gentler side.

love Heather

A Gorgon Has Been Watching

May 22, 2006 4:57:39 AM PDT

The Gorgon has been watching our progress with interest and knows our every move. Many eyes have been watching us as we make our way along the twisting Serpentine Road.

Leave a burden at the Gatehouse as you enter the House of the Serpents an find your room here in this intriguing residence.

Roll call

May 22, 2006 2:00:35 AM PDT

You will see later tonight that one of the Gorgons has been watching you all in her Crystal Ball. Nothing much passes the Medusa.

I have been instructed to send out keys and make sure everyone passes through the gate. Let me know if you want to pull out at this stage.

So invites will begin appearing but folk like Barbara, Gail, Monika, Lois, Fran, Vi are already listed I think. I will double check. Once you are in make yourself comfortable and check out the place. I have a feeling that soon we are going to need maps of the places as well as of Lemuria. :-)

love Heather

on Jealousy...

May 21, 2006 3:36:30 PM PDT

Adding my two penneth worth. Jealousy is an emotion, a feeling like all other feelings and can be very complex. I don't view myself as a jealous person but I do envy the untroubled lives of some. I am jealous of some women who look fabulous in outfits that would look hideous on me. I envy their slim bodies. Sigh!

Take an orange and halve it. Look at the little segments and name different kinds of jealously. Then see which one has the red beeping light and is causing the most havoc. Pop it in the burden box in the gatehouse along with a note.


Nearing the House of the Serpents

May 21, 2006 1:48:54 AM PDT

The Rainbow Priestess is the protector of the House of the Serpents. She holds the key to the gates and will only provide entry to those who have mapped their heart and lightened their load at the Gatehouse. Some travellers have already passed by the Rainbow Priestess and are settling in to the House of Serpents. There will be a banquet to celebrate our arrival and travelling trevere will be asked to amuse the Gorgons with a light hearted, comic presentation.

Unburdening! Easing the Load

May 20, 2006 10:02:39 PM PDT

le Enchanteur has been checking travellers and has discovered that many are still carrying heavy loads, burdening donkeys and themselves. Some things simply have to be left in the gate-house outside the House of the Serpents. What will you leave behind?

As you map your heart

May 19, 2006 11:19:22 PM PDT

As you map your heart remember that you cannot and should not try to control feelings about events and happenings.

The road winds on, is long and arduous, but we should reach the House of the Serpents soon. I am planning to moor the Pirate Ship down at the cove below and clamber up to the house that way.

But first le Enchanteur has to do her daily round and make sure that all creatures, great and small are safe out on the road.

love Heather

May 19, 2006
Opening To Feel

Ways We Numb Ourselves

We are born equipped to experience a complex array of diverse emotions. Many of us, however, are uncomfortable confronting our most powerful emotions. We may shy away from delight and despair and deny life's colors by retreating into a world of monotone grey. We may numb ourselves to what we are truly feeling. It's easier to suppress our emotions than to deal with them, so we may momentarily turn to pleasures such as alcohol, food, sugar, shopping and too much television. We may even numb our hearts. While it's normal to temporarily seek distractions as a means of coping with intense emotions, numbing yourself prevents you from confronting your issues and keeps you from ever finding resolution or peace. When you are numb, there is no pain or powerlessness, but there can also be no joy or healing.

The activities that numb you may seem harmless or pleasurable, but using them to numb yourself diminishes the quality of your life. Numbing yourself so that you don't have to feel intense emotions can often satisfy a surface need while blocking your awareness of a deeper need. You may find solace in food or shopping when what you really need is spiritual nourishment. The less you feel, the less alive you feel. Your feelings add vividness to your experiences and serve to connect you to the world around you. It is possible to disavow yourself of numbing behaviors a little at a time and once again taste life's rich flavors. When you sense that you are engaging in a particular behavior simply to deaden your emotions, stop and ask yourself why. Examining the feelings that drive you to numb yourself can help you understand what is triggering your desire to emotionally fade out.

With each numbing activity that you cut out of your life, you'll find yourself being more aware and experiencing a greater emotionally acuity. Senses once shrouded by the fog of numbness become sharp and acute. Traumas and pain long hidden will emerge to the forefront of your consciousness and reveal themselves so that you can heal them. You'll discover a deeper you-a self that is comfortable experiencing and working through intense emotions with courage and grace.

Not to cause concern

Sat May 13, 2006 10:37 pm

I don't want to alarm anyone but this time the tour has been set up in such a way that some folk might choose to clamber back down to Riversleigh and rest and relax with those who have already opted to stay behind.

Think Herculean Labours and Seven Challenges and you have a hint of what is in store.

If at any stage you want to go back to pottering about on the endless blogs at Soul Food don't hesitate to let me know and I will support your choice. There are thirty of us listed at the moment but I will not be surprised if the numbers reduce. Of course, having said this, many of you will doggedly march on no matter what obstacles are put on your path.

Generally you will travel alone, or with a chosen companions, but there will be times, like this Gala, when everyone has to come together as a collective and present something.

All I can say is that I have heard le Enchanteur whispering and I think it is going to be the journey of a lifetime.

hugs to all and thinking of Leonie who would have ridden by my side.

Imagery to help begin this journey

Having left something in the surrender box you step through the doorway and look around.... note what you see, what the environment looks like, who is with you, what is happening. Guides with donkeys, horses, camels are waiting. You will know which guide is yours.

An animal calls you to come to her. You set out on the back of an animal, or by it's side. Your companion has a name and talks to you about the coming journey.

The words of the Enchantress ring in your ears and you touch your bag to make sure it is still with you. Everyone is quiet and contemplative and the hooves of the donkey seem to be beating a tune as you travel on the well worn path.

Suddenly it is incredibly quiet and you realise that everyone has gone already. When did that happen?

All you know is that somehow you need to reach the Blind Springs and the House of the Serpent.

Record your journey.

See you at Blind Springs where we are camping for the first night. Post any responses to the journey on the Serpentine Road - you will receive an invitation to join the House of the Serpents once you arrive at Blind Springs.


Letter from Le Enchanteur

Dear Travellers,

What brave souls you to walk the Serpentine Road with me. I am you guide but I am not the sort of guide you may have met, or heard about, travelling on a tour bus somewhere. I have no microphone and I will not be providing particularly clear instructions. This is a tour with a differerence. You are pretty much on our own and you have to keep finding me. I will go ahead and help that whining Heather set up some camps (she does go on about having to do everything herself and it is simply not true) and will let you know our whereabouts. How you reach us is up to you.

Now you have your special bags don't you? Each bag contains spectacles, a candlestick, a tiny anchor, a medallion with the imprint of the Unicorn and a set of wings. However, each bag contains something that has been chosen specifically for the recipient. It also contains a map.

Look at the map carefully! You will see the Cave of the Ancients marked on it. This is where we are headed. The Cave of the Ancients is the place which is purported to contain remnants of ancient civilizations - wisdom that has been lost to humankind because of those who have tried to raze all memory of old wisdoms and truths.

It is a long and dangerous journey to find the Cave of the Ancients. Tracks have long been overgrown and you have to pass through steep mountain. We will need a number of stops along the way. At various stops it would be a good idea to find out as much as you can about this cave and its precise whereabouts. The map I have given you is old and needs to be updated. Perhaps there is a cartographer in our midst and that person will mark things as we go.

With scientists, botanists, herbalists, journalists, artists, amongst our number it is hoped that this path will be well documented and that come December the Advent Calendar will feature this journey of exploration. Documents are kept safely in sealed archives (bloggers) ready to be accessed after the journey is complete. It is a good idea to have your own personal blogger that contains your journey - and it will be linked to the Serpentine Road so that we can find you.

Now! I am going to go ahead to the House of the Serpents, which is close to Blind Springs. I will meet you there.

Good luck