Thursday, May 25, 2006

Good and Bad News

May 24, 2006 6:22:54 PM PDT

The good news is that everyone has arrived or is very close to arriving at the House of the Serpents. The Gorgon is putting on a special banquet to mark Sarah's wedding on the 31 of May and that will be the perfect time for everyone to do their 'light relief' performance - much as Kim has rehearsed already.

Generally the mirror viewing has gone well although Sibyl is off in a huff and is threatening to make the mirror walk the plank after depicting her as a rather buxom, aging buccaneer. The Gorgon, who is an old friend has been defending the mirror, saying that it only reveals her own mischievous nature (much like the crows she hang around with) and that she thought it revealed a decided twinkle in the eye.

The bad news is that the mountain passes, which will take us to the Lemurian Abbey (our next stop) are not passable at the moment. le Enchanteur, being the eternal opportunist has volunteered to have everyone 'crew it' on her ship that is moored in the cove. Well, maybe that won't be bad news for everyone. I am sure it is only the mirror she has her sights on and that should stop her being grumpy with anyone else.

Meanwhile I suggest you make some strong shields to defend yourself against the inner critic monsters that inhabit the waters between here and the Abbey.

We will be leaving on the first of June or thereabout, after the wedding celebrations.

Oh, and we have a side tour lined up but more about that later.



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