Monday, June 26, 2006

A Season in the Abbey

Friday, June 23, 2006

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Sick and paralysed, Nelson returned to England, and decided to accompany his father to Bath for a cure in January 1781. In a busy season Nelson was lucky to find digs with the apothecary Joseph Spry at 2 Pierrepont Street. News of the expedition in Nicaragua reached Bath as one of the army officers was also recovering his health in the city.

During the 18th century, Bath was an extremely fashionable cultural hub, attracting the aristocracy and gentry from all over the country.

In Lemuria it is the Abbey which is the cultural hub for artists and writers. Indeed, Riversleigh Manor is closing down for a couple of months and we are all going to have 'a season' in the Lemurian Abbey.

So anyone who is still here needs to pack their bags and hot foot it over to the Abbey bofore all the digs are occupied. We will make sure that there are plenty of activities to amuse everyone while we are ' in the Abbey'.

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