Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Night To Remember

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

When the glorious Phoenix belonging to the Rainbow Serpent Priestess comes to earth it come to do good deeds for people, and her appearance symbolizes the beginning of a new era. In one story involving Sinbad, the roc unknowingly carries Sinbad to safety after a shipwreck and in another the roc carries him to the Valley of Diamonds. Going farther back into Persian antiquity, there is an immortal bird, amrzs, or (in the Minoi-khiradh) slnamurv, which shakes the ripe fruit from the mythical tree that bears the seed of all useful things

In Japanese mythology, after doing its good deed the bird ascends back to heaven to await a new era.

The Phoenix is here and offering to do good deeds for travellers. She will take you for a fantastical night ride and show you the wonders of the world if that is your desire. Or she will sit with you, shake the ripe fruit that bears the seeds of all that is useful and be your muse for the night.

Make sure to take advantage of this most providential arrival.

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