Thursday, May 25, 2006

Schedule to date

May 25, 2006 12:20:11 AM PDT

1. Performance at the Hermitage Gala

2. Leaving a skin in the Surrender Box near the door to the Serpentine Road

3. Meeting animal companions and heading along the Serpentine Road towards the House of the Serpents.

4. Some go via Pirate Ship and clamber up to HOS from the Cove.

5. Mapping the Heart - to be received by the Rainbow Priestess before entering HOS

6. Unburdening yourself of a heavy load and leaving it all a the gatehouse of the HOS.

7. Making self comfortable at House of Serpents

8. Looking in the Gorgon's mirror - which reveals how others often see you.

9. Preparing for a Banquet to mark Sarah's wedding May 31

10. Will have to travel by ship to the Abbey in our search for Dead Man's Chest and a path to the Cave of the Ancients - the road through the mountains is impassable.

We are here to warm the stone artist and this is a very rough outline. There is plenty of scope for variations and detours.

The main blogs we are working on is the Serpentine Road, House of Serpents and some are posting on Dead Man's Chest because they have been aboard one of the Pirate Ships.

love Heather


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