Monday, June 26, 2006

Created an Abbey Group

Fri Jun 23, 2006 1:05 am

I am setting up a Yahoo group for the Abbey, where all those who are wanting to join 'the journey' and visit Lemuria will be initially based.

Since I have addresses all over the place I have sent out some invitations but don't be offended if I have missed inviting you.

We will be in the Abbey for a few weeks while le Enchanteur and Heather figure out the Alphabet project which will track the 'Heroine's Journey' and include lots of samples of people's work.

To join the Abbey simply go to and ask to join. I will sign you in immediately.

Eventually there will be three groups with Yahoo and you might want to put some on Special Messages so that you are not inundated with mail.

These groups are:

Abbey - for those beginning the journey

Riversleigh - residence for people who have worked. or are currently working closely with me as I develop the site.

Lemurian Elders - a group for those who have completed the journey.

Please choose email or digest for this group or make sure to check regularly.

Generally I hope folk will mainly communicate through the bloggers but the Yahoo groups are an important way to ensure that any news travels throughout the land.



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