Monday, June 26, 2006

Abbey Novices and Elders Alike

Sun Jun 25, 2006 5:53 pm

Hello Everyone

Riversleigh is closed now and we are all moving to the Abbey.

We have a gathering of novices and elders here in the Abbey and the Abbess (another of my alter egos, she says rolling her eyes a lot) will be keeping an eye on things and gently encouraging new members to undertake the seven labours in a creative environment.

When you go to your 'cells' you will find a box of chocolates has been left as a welcome gift. You can leave them for awhile and post what you fancy or you can savour one and share your visual or written responses.

Do not be constrained by form. This is a place of alchemical experimentation and that Abbess just loves to see new forms emerging.

By the time the labours are done Enchanteur is likely to show up and entice us all with another of her journey's. But for now - your handbook is the A-Z of Alchemy Just click the letters. At the moment it is only A that has text - the A box has four A's in it

We will be working collaboratively on this project while we are in the Abbey and I will enthusiastically publish work and put links to responses from Abbey residents. None of the pages will remain static and I will make adjustments continually so make sure to refresh your pages.

hugs to all


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